Team Racing Nationals Cancelled

The 2013 Team Racing Nationals has been cancelled. The event was to be held at RFBYC in Perth.

Was it the $900 entry fee or the the $500 damage deposit up front or the travel to the West which made teams decide not to enter? There is no doubt the Freshy would have run a great regatta but sometime soon the clubs that are organising team racing events will have to think seriously about their pricing. Costs plus doesn’t work. Put the price of beer up 10% instead.

It is a pity for the 3 or 4 seriously good WA teams who won’t now get a regatta.

There is a rumour that the 2014 Nationals will be held in Victoria. Hopefully the formation of a Team Racing Class Association instead of the Team Racing Sub Committee will allow for more flexibility around event criteria at an Open level. In other words, ditch the Team Racing Technical Regulations. As the Team Racing Nationals will no longer be the Yachting Australia Team Racing Nationals (yes, it is important to some) the Technical Regulations don’t need to be used. What will that mean? Hopefully, it will strip out lots of the costs of running the event, for example, flying in inter state umpires, a YA technical delegate, the use of a swiss league and all its associated costs, TR Sub Ctte advising clubs how to run events.


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